Hula works with some of the world’s best companies

And also with cities, municipalities, public agencies and rail/transit

At Hula, our commitment to providing outstanding customer service, is matched only by our commitment to reduce green house gasses and carbon emissions, while striving to protect our planet and its fragile environment from toxic pollutants. Working alongside companies and organizations that share our vision is critical to our success. We are privileged to work with many talented and committed companies, organizations and agencies as we set a collective course to a greener, cleaner future.

Transportation has been evolving for 10,000 years from the beginning of human mobility by foot transport to animals and carts to bicycles, trains and buses, trams, cars, ships, airplanes and spacecraft. In the last 10 years the shift to multi-modal and shared transportation has shifted transport exponentially. The Arcimoto FUV will be a “Standard Bearer” in new mobiity platforms providing greater mobility, more equality of access, zero emission benefit to the environment and substantially lower cost of ownership and cost of operation. Future Arcimoto vehicles will begin to integrate autonomous mobility features, one of the first being the ability to be “fetched or summoned” to a refueling hub, a requested riders location or for pre-positioning the vehicles for next-day placement in areas of anticipated high demand.

The Arcimoto FUV is the ideal vehicle for Hula. HULA is an acronym for High Utilization Local Access. High Utilization is the key to having fewer vehicles transport more people per day than the typical, individual car-trip.

To that end Hula puts our FUV’s “to work at night” after they have provided fun and thrills for our hotel guests, they are seconded to perform further duties as people-movers, delivery vehicles and iTaxis throughout the evening hours. Whether performing duties for DoorDash, UberEats, AmazonGo, Whole Foods or the local pizza purveyor, Hula’s Arcimoto FUV’s are hard at work keeping carbon emission low and utilization high. With 1/10th the emissions of a typical gasoline vehicle taking 1/3rd of the parking space and 1/3rd the cost the Arcimoto FUV is helping to power the “delivery economy” while quietly and cleanly moving through the night.

With an 80MPH top speed, 130 Mile Range, Full HOV Lane Approval, ability to fit 3 FUV’s in a single parking space and factory options to equip the vehicles with body panels, delivery boxes (Hot & Cold and/or Package), bicycle racks, surf racks, camping gear and even towable trailers and solar powered recharging covers, there are almost no limits to the number and type of specialty configurations that can be employed by the FUV.

“Hula’s FUV’s offer the potential to lower the number of Guest-assigned vehicles in our parking spaces as fewer cars can serve more Guests. As a hotel builder, this means future hotel designs will feature more rooms and build-location cities will realise greater Transient Occupancy Taxes-(Room Tax=money) to build parks, schools, community projects and critical infrastructure”

B. Olson-RDO Development Corporation

“Zero Emission vehicles are one of the fastest, cheapest ways to reduce our county-wide greenhouse-gas emissions. Pollution from cars represents 68% of San Diego’s C02 emission total. Hula’s FUV’s are a great way to help our tourists, visitors and local communities contribute toward reducing our collective carbon footprint while enjoying America’s Finest City.”

Peder Norby-Former San Diego County Planning Commissioner